We do not accept cancellation of an order. However, if you produce convincing proof then your request for refund may be considered. In the very rare circumstance that an error occurs and you are charged twice for the same assignment then you will get a full refund.

We gladly do corrections and modifications on the assignments we write for you. So if you need a revision feel free to request for one. It is completely free and you won’t be charged any extra fee. Our experts will revise your content until you are fully satisfied that it is perfect.

Our main aim is not to replace the effort you are supposed to make in your academics. The programming assignment help we offer is solely meant to help you grasp the intricate concepts in programming. We are against submitting the content you receive from us in place of the homework you were supposed to work on.

If you have any issues regarding cancellation and refunds then please refer to the next section for more comprehensive information.


Our clients can only cancel their order if the following conditions mentioned below are met:

  • You can only make a cancellation request within two hours after making payments. We will not process any cancellation request later than after the two hours.
  • You cannot cancel an order that was to be submitted on that very same day. The aforementioned two hour cancellation request does not apply here.
  • Programming assignment helper holds the full right of approving or rejecting all cancellation requests.


We allow refunds without any inconsistency only under the following two conditions

  • You did not receive any service from us
  • We did not deliver the service within the mutually agreed date

A refund is allowed when:  An order you made was not delivered to you within the stipulated time. You should notify us immediately to stop working on the order. In this case, we will refund you the total charged amount without making any further review.

Refund cannot be made: If you do not inform us to stop processing your order even after the agreed time has elapsed. This will mean that you were comfortable with the late delivery and agreed that our experts should complete the order.

Revision follow-ups

Our clients have 14 days to request for a revision after receiving the content. If two weeks pass then no free revision will be carried out. We will consider any request after 14 days as a new task and we will charge you for the service.


Before requesting for a refund please go through the following terms and conditions which all refund requests are subjected to:

  • We will only process your refund request if you have convincing proofs and reasons. You will have to provide us with evidence that the service you received from us did not meet the requirements you had earlier stated.
  • Your refund request will not be considered if you change the specifications and guidelines you had delivered with your assignment. If you do so, we will not accept any further refund requests from you.
  • You will have to provide us with authentic grade sheet with proper credentials from your college or university for us to consider your refund request. This will act as proof that in deed our service was below standards.

Repeated requests for revisions can only be accepted for a fixed number of times as programming assignment helper sees fit. We will not consider any refund request after we have fully delivered lengthy writing assignments. You should request for changes or modifications within two weeks after receiving the content. We will do revisions and support you within the two weeks even if the assignments are time consuming.

Our team will count any extra revisions after two weeks as an extra task and you will be expected to make payment for it. We will not consider more than one refund claim in this case.

We will not permit any refund if you are not able to state precisely the issues you have with the content you have received. You should be exact and accurate for your refund issues to be entertained. Contact us via email or on live chat to provide reasons why you are requesting for a refund. We will not consider your request if you do not follow our policy.

Our experts will prepare your projects while considering the appropriate grading systems. We draw our motivation from the satisfaction of our clients. That is why we maintain high quality standards with regards to our clients’ requirements.