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Accounting is the process of recording business financial transactions in a comprehensive and systematic manner.The term can also be used to explain how businesses summarize, analyze and report their financial transactions to tax collection entities or oversight agencies. Accounting can be handled by an accountant or bookkeeper at small-sized organizations or by finance departments with numerous employees at large-sized companies.

Learning to be an accountant, CPA, or controller is not an easy endeavor. Depending on the type of career you are aiming at, there are a wide range of degrees and certificates of varying levels. While each level is different, the common aspects in all of them are the in-depth concepts and math-based methodologies involved. Students frequently require help with their accounting homework but it’s not that easy to find an accounting homework solver with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide accounting assignment help.

Accounting studies make things complicated for students because it requires them to be highly skilled in both math and legal issues. The truth is math and law are two very different fields and most students seem to like one more than the other. One either is good at memorizing things (history, law, etc.) or is good at maths. Accounting requires one to be good at both areas, which often witnesses many accountingstudents drop out at the middle of the semester.

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Accounting Assignment Help

Every student has faced problems with his/her accounting assignments at one point in life. At first glance, the assignment may seem quite easy to handle but when it comes to actually solving it, you realize that it is more complex than you thought. That is the time you start saying to yourself, “I need help with accounting.” This is quite normal and you don’t have to panic over it. You just need to find a reliable accounting assignment helper to give you a little push on the subject.

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Over the years, our accounting experts have provided answers to questions involving the following accounting topics:

  • Capital budgeting
  • Basic financial statements
  • Accounting systems for measuring costs
  • Accounting for merchandising activities
  • Decision-making in accounting
  • Cost volume profit analysis
  • Financial assets
  • Costing and the value chain
  • Forms of business organization
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Income and changes retained earnings
  • Global business and accounting
  • Liabilities
  • Incremental analysis
  • Operational budgeting
  • Management accounting
  • Responsibility accounting
  • Plant assets and depreciation
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Standard cost systems
  • Stockholders’ equity and more.

Branches of Accounting

Accounting can be categorized into various branches that are often closely intertwined. However, it is important to distinguish each branch since accounting specialists tend to organize themselves around these areas.

Financial accounting: This involves classifying and recording businessfinancial statements and presenting them to shareholders, government/regulatory agencies, and creditors as required. The most common statements produced here include balance sheets, income statements, and the statement of cash flows.

Management accounting: While the focus of financial accounting is external users, management accountinginvolves the preparation and analysis of information within the organization. This branch of accounting involvesbudgeting and forecasting, designing and evaluating business processes, analyzing and monitoring internal controls, and implementingaccounting information to help a business gain an economic value.

Cost accounting: This branch of accounting categorizes, traces, and collects manufacturing costs of a business. The data collected is used in planning and control.  It is important for a business to have an efficient cost accounting system in order to have an effective control over costs.

Tax accounting: Tax accounting is concerned with tax related matters. A business computes its taxable income and presents this information to tax authorities as required by tax laws. Our taxation assignment help service covers all the topics and concepts offered under this subject. Do not wait until it is too late. Contact us with your taxation assignment immediately after it has been allotted to you.

Project accounting: This branch is a component of the overall project management. A project accounting system is designed to track the financial progress and prepare financial reports of a project. The reports generated provide important information to project managers to carry out various project management functions.

Non-profit accounting: Non-profit accounting deals with planning operations, preparing reports, and recording events of non-profit organizations such as churches, charities, government agencies, educational institutions, etc.

International accounting: This branch of accounting is involved with matters related to doing trade in the world markets. Since many companies are expanding their businesses internationally, they have started hiring accountants who possess the knowledge about taxation and custom laws of various countries.

Government accounting: This deals with the utilization and allocation of government budgets. Governmentaccounting systems ensure that the government funds disbursed for various projects are being utilized efficiently.

Social accounting: Social accounting analyzes and evaluates a company’s influence on the society and its environment. It studies andmeasures the benefits and social costs of various business activities. For instance, an accountant might analyze the impact of acid rain on the surrounding environment.

Forensic accounting: This branch of accounting deals with the legal issues faced by a company. Forensic accountants use their knowledge and skills to evaluate legal matters like claim settlement, dispute resolution, court and litigation cases, fraud investigations, etc. When you avail our forensic accounting assignment help, you can be assured that your assignment will be handled by highly qualified experts who possess extensive knowledge in forensic accounting.

Auditing: Auditing is a general term used to describe the examination, review, evaluation, verification, or inspection of historical records or data belonging to a company. Auditing can be classified into two categories namely; internal auditing and external auditing. Internal auditing is carried out to determine whether an entity has been following the procedures and policies set by the management. External editing on the other hand is performed to examine the accounting records and other financial statements a company publishes to be used by external parties.

Cost Accounting Homework Help

Cost accounting is a branch of accounting that studies how financial statements and transactions are recorded and documented. It is a brainstorming course that involves numerous rational and mental arithmetic calculations. For those aspiring to become Chartered accountants or occupy dexterous secretarial and directorial positions, cost accounting paves their way towards achieving their dream career.

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Principles of Cost Accounting

Cost accounting provides a company with the information needed to carry out various business operations effectively. Below are the most common cost accounting techniques.

Identifying all your costs: Cost accounting basically focuses on a specific project, activity, or product. To identify costs, you need to collect all the expenditures or costs of the area you are evaluating. You can then use this cost estimation to create a budget that will help you control how much you spend, guide your operations, and allocate resources effectively.

Finding out what generates costs: A good cost accounting process can help you identify where the cost of an individual item came from and whether or not it was justified. For instance, under direct labor category, you can determine whether the cost of cutting a steel sheet for use in a product is more reasonable that purchasing a pre cut piece and make decisions appropriately.

Eliminating unnecessary costs: By looking at the cost of each item, you are able to determine the costs that don’t deliver benefits. You can eliminate fixed costs that don’t add value to the business. For instance, sometimes, you can eliminate unnecessary travel. Additionally, you can cut expensive product features that don’t add value for customers or eliminate projects that result in activities that bring extra costs to the business.

Developing ways to get additional cost savings: Cost accounting can bring additional cost savings by comparing the costs of products or services with your own historical data or industry standards. For example, if a project activity like installing a security system costs you more than it did in previous projects you need to find out what has caused the hike in costs and possibly try to reduce the cost. Keeping trackof your past expenditures and estimating future costs helps you to avoid spending more than you should on particular items.

Financial Accounting Homework Help

Financial accounting deals with the preparation and analysis of financial statements to aid in decision making by stakeholders, banks, suppliers, government agencies, employees, etc. This is an area that needs a lot of practice for one to excel. That’s why professors issue assignments that cover various financial accounting topics to test the students’ ability to tackle various accounting problems.

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Basic Accounting Terminology

The following checklist outlines some of the terminology and conventions used in the accounting profession.

Assets: An asset is the wealth that a business has accumulated over a period of time and is owned outright without a loan or lien. It can be a product or service sold to consumers, or an item that depreciates over time. The most common form of assets include buildings and property, cash and investments, warehouse inventory, accounts receivable, equipment and supplies.

Balance sheet: Balance sheets record and maintain the basic accounting aspects of a business like assets, liabilities, capital, stockholder equity, etc. These records can be updated yearly, quarterly, or monthly. A balance sheet is important to a company because it can be used to ascertain its financial health.

General ledger: A general ledger is a section of the bookkeeping system that contains the income statement accounts and balance sheets. It is used to record various business transactions including credit purchases, sales, income losses, etc.

Gross margin: The gross margin is the total number of sales a company has made after deducting all the associated costs such as wholesale costs, manufacturing costs, costs of material and supplies, etc.

Loss: This term is used to describe an instance where the expenses of a particular asset have exceeded the expected revenue or when product or service costs less than its cost of manufacture or supply.

On credit or on account: This term is used to describe the products or services sold using credit. A product sold on credit or on account means that payment has not been provided yet and there could be terms that could result in interest charges.

Receipts: This is the total amount of money obtained in business transactions in one day. Receipts do not include other revenue that has been collected.

Trade discount: This is the percentage discount from the marked price of an item. A trade discount is usually based on the amount of goods ordered at a particular time. A customer purchasing large volume of goods may receive higher discounts than one making fewer orders.

Trial balance: Trial balances are recorded in general ledgers and include both credits and debits for one particular account. Here, the debits must balance with credits.

Financial statement: Financialstatements are documents that present all the financial transactions a business or individuals have performed over a certain period of time. The most popular financial statements provided by a business are cash flow statements, balance sheets, as well as profit and loss statements.

Credit and debit: A credit is a financial or accounting entry that either decreases an expense or asset account or increases equity or liability account. A debit entry on the other hand increases an expense or asset account or decreases equity or liability account.

Managerial Accounting Homework Help

Managerial accounting is the branch of accounting that integrates various concepts of management, accounting, and finance with business strategies for effective business development. The primary role of management accounting is to examine, measure, and report both financial and non-financial information to help the management make informed business decisions. This area of accounting is considered the most complicated when it comes to doing its assignments, as one has to be conversant with topics like strategic management, performance management, and risk management, among others.

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Principles of Management Accounting

The following are the most important principles of management accounting:

Designing and compiling: Accounting information, statements, reports, and records must be designed and compiled correctly to meet specific business needs. When all business financial records are put in one place, the management is able to make informed decisions regarding the business quickly and achieve business goals.

Control at source accounting: The best way to control costs is to check the areas where they are incurred. Details of resource utilization, performance of individual workers, and usage of services are prepared in the form of qualitative and quantitative information to allow control to be exercised over resources and service providing devices as well as employees.

Accounting for inflation: The only time a business is said to have made profits is when capital remains intact in real terms. It is therefore necessary to keep an account of the capital contributed by shareholders or owners to start or run the business. This way the management is able to determine the real value of money, the rate or inflation and real success of the business.

Integration: This means that all the accounting information the management needs to run the business is integrated so that it can be used at the maximum to meet the organization goals.

Utilization of resources: Any resource available in a company must be used effectively. Some resources are available in plenty while others are limited throughout the year. A good management accounting system must be able to ensure proper use of available resources for effective running of the business.

Personal contacts: The management must be able to make contact with departmental managers and other employees. An effective management accounting system generates financial statements and reports to help the management identify departmental areas that are lagging behind and those that have low productivity. This makes it easy to contact employees in these departments, fix problems and exercise control at the required time.

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Key Responsibilities of an Accountant

An accountant provides financial advice to an organization. The specific duties of this position depend on the size of the organization. He/she may specialize in various accounting practices including management consultancy, audit, forensic accountancy, recovery, assurance, taxation, corporate finance, etc. Typical duties include:

  • Preparing capital, liability, and asset account entries by analyzing and compiling account information
  • Documenting financial transactions by entering relevant account information
  • Analyzing accounting options to recommend financial actions
  • Collecting information and preparing profit and loss statements and balance sheets to summarize current financial status
  • Auditing documents in order to substantiate financial transactions
  • Preparing or recommending procedures and policies that can be used to maintain accounting controls
  • Answering questions and coordinating the activities of accounting clerical staff
  • Gathering and analyzing account information to reconcile financial discrepancies
  • Completing database backups and following internal controls in order to secure financial information and maintain its security
  • Verifying relevant documentation in order to prepare payments
  • Researching and interpreting accounting regulations and policies in order to answer accounting procedure questions
  • Complying with state, federal, and local accounting legal requirements by studying new and existing legislation, advising management on needed actions, and enforcing adherence to legal requirements
  • Preparing financial reports by gathering, summarizing, and analyzing accounting information and trends
  • Keeping financial information confidential to protect operations and maintain customer confidence

The main role of an accountant is to monitor and record the flow of funds in and out of a company. Using financial statements and numbers, accountants are able to describe the financial health of a business. They evaluate and analyze profits and losses and provide the information that business owners need to evaluate the performance of a company.

Accounting Homework Solver

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Benefits of an Accounting System in Business

Accounting systems are important in a company as they give the company owner practical and timely information regarding financial transactions. If a business owner notices that expenses are increasing and sales are decreasing, he can figure out what to do to benefit the firm. Without an accounting system, this information won’t be available and the owner may not be able to make informed business decisions. Our MYOB homework help can equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge you need to perform accounting tasks. We assure you that you will have these concepts at your finger-tips.

Objectivity: One advantage of using an accounting system is that the information obtained is unbiased. It does not matter how much the management loves or hates a sales person as the sales numbers don’t lie. They speak for themselves without any emotional attachment. A financial report adheres to accounting principles, not hearsay or office politics. This level of objectivity is essential as it enables the management to make wise decisions for the business.

Reliability: Business owners rely completely on financial and accounting systems to provide information to tax authorities, investors, and bankers. Once information is generated, an accountant confirms its integrity using back-up documentation. This makes the numbers reflected in the report believable and verifiable. Many companies have procedures and policies in place to standardize various accounting processes and increase reliability and efficiency of financial operations. It is normal to make errors in accounting. However, with proper checking and balancing systems, errors can be detected and rectified before releasing the financial information to the management.

Consistency: This is the pillar of an accounting system. If an accounting system is not able to show consistency in transactions, then in the actual sense, there is no accounting. It is just numbers thrown here and there in a random fashion. Accounting follows specific set of concepts and principles that cannot be changed. Accounting information has to be compiled in a consistent manner for it to be meaningful. For instance, if you want to check the sales information of a certain product over a period of time, this information must be compiled using a constant format throughout the period or you will just end up getting useless data. Consistency in accounting information allows the management to do trend analysis in order to determine product performance over time.

Organization: Another benefit of an accounting system is to organize complex financial data. This system not only processes large volumes of data but also summarizes and classifies this data into queries and reports that are valuable to the management. Nobody wants to get lost in pages and pages of information. In accounting, information is organized in a manner that is easy for everyone to access. For instance, if you want to know the total cost of your office supplies, you can go the section of accounting system that accumulates this data and get all the in information you want.

Accounting Assignment Samples

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Features of an Effective Accounting System

Staying on top of your business finances is important and as the company grows, it gets more challenging keeping track of expenses, income, liabilities, and assets. Havinggood accounting systems is crucial for businesses of any size. However, with so manyoptions in the market today, entrepreneurs can find difficulties deciding the best system for their business. Understanding the important features of a good accounting system is essential and can be a good starting point when determining the best system for your business. Below are some of the elements to get you started.

Accurate bookkeeping: Accuracy is one of the most important features of an effective accounting system. For a system to be worth your investment and time, it must keep accurate and updated balances in the general ledger and individual accounts. Discrepancies can occur due to server issues, communication errors between integrated systems, database corruption, etc. but a good accounting system must be able to flag errors or identify and correct them to avoid causing data inaccuracy.

Powerful reporting: An accounting system must have the ability to create basic accounting and financial reports including balance sheets, income statements, statements of owners’ equity, cash flow statements, etc. The best accounting system would include powerful reporting features that allow you to create custom financial reports using any form of data in your system. The more powerful the reporting capability of a system is, the more insight it can provide to manage finances efficiently.

Integrated features: Modern accounting systems come with a variety of integrated features for added efficiency. Look for a system that includes options like automatic account updates, digital invoice scanning, point-of-sale integration, automatic check printing, or remote access through mobile applications. These functions can significantly minimize the time spent by an accountant performing mundane tasks like processing payroll checks, entering transactions, etc.

Audit features: A reliable accounting system should include audit features. Even though the system cannot perform audits of its own records against physical inventory or bank statements, at least it should show detailed records that users can use to track changes in the system data including the source, time, and user behind every change. This is a good way to identify the source of data discrepancies whenever they occur and potentially save hours of resentment and frustration in the future.


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