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Online Accounting Tutoring : Facts You Didn’t Know About Accountants

What comes in your mind when you come across the phrase, “He/she is an accountant”? To some people, they might think of an accountant as a serious suit-wearing, dull, and pen-wielding number-crunchers. Well, if so, think again. Some of our clients that we offer our online accounting tutoring services are exciting, smart, and passionate about making an impact in their career, and in whatever they do.
Also, to further affirm this, our accounting homework solvers have amassed several facts about accounting as well as the accounting profession that we bet you never knew before.

  • Bubblegum was conceived by an accountant, in 1928, Walter Diemar. It was the only dye at hand, at the time.
  • Did you know that Al Capone, a crime boss in Chicago, was brought down by accountants? Having so many unaccounted crimes from murder to drug smuggling, he was convicted of evading tax.
  • Bookkeeping and all the other words resultant from it (bookkeeper etc.) stand as the only words in English having three consecutive sets of twin letters.
  • Zeppelin’s Led Roberts Plant, Mick Jagger, and comedian Eddie Izzard among other famous names, are well-known accountants before their film careers picked up.
  • Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli who is regarded as the father of accounting published the first double-entry accounting book in 1494.
  • According to our online accounting helpers, accountants have a crucial role in the Oscars. Since 1935, it is estimated that accountants spend 1700 hours on average, tallying the Academy Award ballots manually.
  • Matthew the Evangelist is regarded as the patron saint of accountants. This also applies to tax collectors, bookkeepers, bankers, and stockbrokers.
  • The term “accounting” is derived from a French “computer” with the meaning “to score or count” words such as “debit”- “he owes” and the term “credit”- “he trusts” is derived from Latin.

Generally, there are dozens of facts concerning accounting you didn’t know, and you ought to know them. Get in touch with our Accounting Help Online Chat representatives, and we will take you through every one of them.
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